Android -> iOS -> Android -> Windows Phone and back to Android

So its exactly 3 years since my last post on this blog. A lot has happened both personally and otherwise. Am not going to talk about my personal life (sorry to disappoint 🙂 ). I used to be a hardcore Android fan boy and could not imagine myself ever using any other mobile platform (i.e. iOS and above all…wait for it Windows. YES I said it).

A little over a year ago I kinda started getting bored of Android as I had done all the experimenting that I could do on Android talk of rooting (see previous posts on rooting the G1) testing out all sorts of custom ROMS et al. So it came as a shock to most of my friends particular when I decided to try out iOS. Went ahead and got myself an iPhone 4S.

By the time I was switching to iOS, the latest Android version out there was Ice cream sandwich. My experience with iOS was somewhat what you might call bitter sweet. On one had I don’t like the closed nature of the Apple ecosystem, most good apps are piad ones, but at the same time, I was loving the user experience. Smooth, no lag or flickers when switching from app to app, few hang ups (if any…) etc.

Used apple for close to 6 months. Eventually I got bored once more by the sheer fact that apple was too predictable. Yearly updates and the likes. I must say I did not push it to the limit (jail breaking and all). Still I got bored.

Switched again back to Android and this time, I got a Nexus 4. Must say this felt like coming back home. At this point Jelly bean was in latest Android build. Google did a good job making the OS and user experience butter like / smooth.

Used the Nexus again for close to a year. And the least unexpected switch happened. I bought my first Windows phone. The Lumia 720. All the things the Windows has to offer, for me three things stood out.

1. The battery life (I mean this is Nokia 🙂 )
2. The smooth user experience transitions from app to app better than iOS and Android I must say.
3. The Camera (Carl Zeiss cameras are simply amazing. Shoots in low lights, image stabilizers etc)

Indeed the lack of apps is a significant problem. I used the platform for 3 months so I know.

Finally I got back to Android with the Motorola X. What an Amazing phone. Google makes the Nexus line with the view of giving users a pure Android experience without bloatware or skins such as Touchwiz and Sense et al. While google tries to make the Nexus line a device that will appeal to consumers, its still a geeks phone (no offense).

What Motorola has done, it take the pure Android experience and add a touch of human centered design. Doesn’t focus a lot of specs such as processor clock speed, RAM size, number of pixels on the screen and such like things. They focused on what matters to users. Battery life, how people interact with phone, how it feels on the hand etc.

Have not been paid by Motorola to praise the device don’t get me wrong, just stating my own experience with the device so far. Still using there are a few downsides to the device which I will share later on.